PDF Tools [All In one] – High Quality PDF Tools Download

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PDF tools web app offers a variety of tools to edit and manipulate PDF files. Here are all the available tools that our app offers:

  • Merge PDF Tool: Combine multiple PDF files into a single document.
  • Rotate PDF Tool: Rotate pages in a PDF document to adjust the orientation.
  • Remove Pages Tool: Delete specific pages from a PDF document.
  • Organize PDF Tool: Rearrange pages in a PDF document to create a custom order.
  • Compress PDF Tool: Reduce the file size of a PDF document for easier sharing and storage.
  • Grayscale PDF Tool: Convert a PDF document to grayscale for printing purposes.
  • Extract PDF Pages Tool: Extract selected pages from a PDF document to create a new file containing only the desired pages.
  • Repair PDF Tool: Fix corrupted or damaged PDF files (Limited repairing capabilities).
  • JPG to PDF Tool: Convert JPG images to PDF documents.
  • PNG to PDF Tool: Convert PNG images to PDF documents.
  • BMP to PDF Tool: Convert BMP images to PDF documents.
  • TIFF to PDF Tool: Convert TIFF images to PDF documents.
  • Word to PDF Tool: Convert Word documents to PDF format.
  • PowerPoint to PDF Tool: Convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF format.
  • TXT to PDF Tool: Convert plain text files to PDF format.
  • Excel to PDF Tool: Convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF format.
  • PDF to JPG Tool: Convert PDF documents to JPG images.
  • PDF to PNG Tool: Convert PDF documents to PNG images.
  • PDF to BMP Tool: Convert PDF documents to BMP images.
  • PDF to TIFF Tool: Convert PDF documents to TIFF images.
  • PDF to Word Tool: Convert PDF documents to Word format (Converts only text. Image and formatting will not be preserved).
  • PDF to PowerPoint Tool: Convert PDF documents to PowerPoint format.
  • PDF to TXT Tool: Convert PDF documents to plain text format.
  • PDF to ZIP Tool: Convert PDF documents to compressed ZIP files.
  • Protect PDF Tool: Add password protection to a PDF document to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Unlock PDF Tool: Remove password protection from a PDF document for easier editing and sharing.
PDF Tools [All In one] – High Quality PDF Tools Download